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06 September 2002: FARSCAPE CANCELLED
updated Wednesay, 11 September, 1AM MST

On 6 September 2002, David Kemper, Richard Manning, and Ben Browder called a special chat in the SCI FI Channel's #Farscape chat room to announce that SCI FI had opted not to pick up Farscape's fifth season option. This document contains the chat transcript, a preliminary contact list, and news and updates on the situation.

Contact Information for write-in campain
Chat transcript
Sunday's update
Tuesday's update
Rally details

Big Push campain letter & complete contact info (opens in new window)

Tuesday, 10 September News and Info:

As usual, check FARSCAPE.WDSECTION.COM for the latest news and information, including media links, sample letters, and any thing else you might want.

Send a telegram or fax via the web.

Matt Sampsell wrote about the new Fan Funding petition; be sure to make your pledge.

Have you contacted SHOWTIME yet? They are tracking responses from Scapers. Use this form with the subject "Farscape" and tell them you'll subscribe if they pick it up, or that you'll start watching more of them if you're already a subscriber.

Keep Wednesday, 11 September, a day of remembrance for the horrific events of last year.

On Thursday, though, resume your activities: KEEP ON WRITING, CALLING, FAXING, and SENDING THOSE TELEGRAMS! SCI FI is counting on us to just give up and go away, we must keep applying the pressure. The Variety ad will be published on Thursday. To coincide with that:

RALLY planned for Thursday, 12 September, in front of SCIFI's Office in NYC. Here's Simon's repackaging of Barbarella's marching orders (Thanks, Simon, for posting this on atf in such a nice format).

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

There will be a picket outside the SciFi channel's NYC studios at 8-9am,Thursday 12th September. Anyone who can make it to NYC for this event, please do so.

It has to be a peaceful, orderly demonstration. Gather outside their doors, or across the street, as long as you're in view of the SciFi channel building. NBC has its stations right next door -- so we're almost guaranteed coverage.

Bring banners and signs and heck even dress as the cast if you feel like it and won't die from the heat of leather on a sunny day

There is an advert going out in that day's issue of Variety magazine, and the head honcho's from SciFi channel's owners will be there too -- so make an impression on them!

You can find posters that you can print out to make banners at:

Don't forget:
* No profanity
* No insults
* Be civil and intelligent
* Be calm
* Be collected

If it looks like SciFi is sending out security, bug out, but be sure to go by the NBC building. And try not to do anything that will get you arrested; it's a worthy cause - but not that worthy :)

How to find them:
The Sci-Fi Channel
USA Networks
1230 Avenue of the Americas, F115
New York, NY 10020-1513

Mapquest link:

The SciFi channel is sweating right now. Make them sweat more.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Sunday, 8 September News and Info:

Check FARSCAPE.WDSECTION.COM for the latest news and information.

Angie of is collecting donations via PayPal to fund an ad to be placed in Variety. eMail Angie at for more information; please donate if your finances will allow.

To send a telegram, use Western Union's online service. The cost is $14.99 and you must have a major credit card.

The story so far: Anthony Simcoe spoke in an online chat (references abound on other sites), laying some blame on Henson's owners, EMTV. Rockne O'Bannon has weighed in, however, and says that while EM had some involvement, the main culprit is SCI FI. Late this afternoon (Sunday, 8 Sept), organizer Barbarella confirmed this information: basically, SCI FI wanted to pay less for Season 5, and EM TV refused to lower the price, so SCI FI cancelled. That's it in a nutshell, folks, all bona fide, verified information. We must focus our efforts on SCI FI, although letters to EM, advertisers, and other media outlets to get the word out certainly help as well.

Fans in the New York City area will be organizing a picket/protest outside of SCI FI's offices for Monday, 9 September. Check FARSCAPE.WDSECTION.COM for more information -- no details yet.

Remember: snail mails and telegrams carry much more weight than emails and phone calls. Word has it that the voice mailboxes are all full at this time, anyway, and several fax machines aren't answering, either. We need to keep the pressure up. SCI FI will be hit with an avalanche on Monday, but it must continue on Tuesday, and every day after, until we get a definitive announcement about Farscape's fate.

Pointers: INCLUDE YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC DATA: age, gender, education level, and most important, income level. Mention that you're saddened by this turn of events and ask them nicely to reconsider. Ask also that they consider selling their rights to the first four seasons so that another network might pick the show up. Check spelling, grammar, and presentation. SIGN YOUR REAL NAME. Angry letters ("flames") don't accomplish anything -- they hit the trash immediately.

Mail early, mail often.

Contact Information for Write-in Campain

Call, send telegrams, send emails, write letters to SCI FI Channel. Here are the relevant names and addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Remember to be reasonable and courteous.  It also doesn't hurt to beg SCI FI to at least be willing to sell the rights to the first 4 seasons to another network so Henson could shop it around and try to find someone to pick it up to produce new episodes.  SCI FI is notorious for hanging onto rights (ask any SLIDERS fan).

To send a telegram:

KEY CONTACT: If you only write/telegram one person, it should be this guy:

Michael Jackson
The SciFi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas, F115
New York, NY 10020-1513

Of course it doesn't hurt to contact these folks as well:

Bonnie Hammer, Executive Vice President and General Manager
Tom Vitale, Senior Vice President of Acquisitions, Scheduling, and Program
The SCIFI Channel 1230 Ave of the Americas, 20th floor
New York, NY  10020 -1513  

(_) E-mail the SciFi Channel at
(_) E-mail the SciFi Channel at
(_) E-mail the SciFi Channel's feedback page at
(_) Call the SciFi Channel viewer comment line: (212) 413-5000.
(_) Call the SciFi Channel programming line: (212) 413-5821.
(_) Call the SciFi Channel comments line: (212) 413-5577.  

Vivendi Universal Entertainment
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Barry Diller is now Chairman & CEO, Ron Meyer is President & COO.

Please Note! This list was compiled from internet sources late Friday night on 06 September. No addresses, phone numbers, or emails have been verified at this time. It will be corrected and updated as necessary. If you have better information, please email me with the corrections and I will post it asap. Thanks!

Ace Hardware
(630) 990-6600

Ace Hardware Corporation
Attn: Consumer Affairs
2200 Kensington Ct.
Oak Brook, IL 60523-2100

(949) 727-1990
Mazda North American Operations
P.O. Box 19734
Irvine, CA 92623-9734
or, check parent company's Ford Motor Co's
Investor Relations page.

American Honda Finance Corp? Probably not, but it's worth a shot.
(310) 212-6619  

Dell Computers
Dell's Media Relations Team
(512) 728-4100
see this page:

Consumer affairs email:

Volkswagen of America
Customer Care contact number: 1-800-822-8987 (USA & Canada)

Land's End
recently acquired by Sears
try their Investor relations contact:
Shareholder Services Department
3711 Kennett Pike
Greenville, DE 19807
Phone: 1-800-732-7780
Fax: 1-302-434-3156

(order line) 1-800-283-7674

Customer care number: 1-866-CINGULAR.
Or, try this number in Torrance, CA:
(310) 782-7903  

Parent company: Rollins, Inc:
Rollins, Inc.
2170 Piedmont Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone: 404-888-2000
Fax: 404-888-2662

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 647
Atlanta, GA 30301

Home page:

Best Buy
Corporate Headquarters
Best Buy Co., Inc.
PO Box 9312
Minneapolis, MN 55440-9312
Tel: (952) 947-2000

Chat Transcript

[19:16] <Barbarella> first of all I'd like to welcome to you #farscape and tonights chat with David Kemper Ben Browder and Richard Manning
[19:16] <Barbarella> To ask questions please message Pygar by typing /msg Pygar your message here OR double clicking his name and messaging him
[19:17] <Barbarella> Please PM pygar with your questions people
[19:17] *** Barbarella sets mode: +o Ben Browder
[19:17] -Kief`Shaeldar- bot commands can be accessed by typeing: x-commands - XBot v1.55 << || Developed by sHaDoW^LiGhT
[19:18] *** Barbarella sets mode: +o FrooniumRicky
[19:18] *** Barbarella sets mode: +o DK
[19:18] <Barbarella> OK
[19:18] <Barbarella> you guys can talk right?
[19:18] <Barbarella> speak to me
[19:18] <FrooniumRicky> Check testing
[19:18] <FrooniumRicky> one two three fo
[19:18] <Ben Browder> Testing 1... 2...
[19:18] <DK> DK says Hello.
[19:19] <Ben Browder> Evening all.
[19:19] <FrooniumRicky> Ning, all
[19:19] <Ben Browder> Wow... look at all the familiar names!!!!
[19:19] <DK> Ben, why did all these people sign off after you said hello?
[19:19] <Ben Browder> Shock
[19:19] <Barbarella> I could say something but I'l refrain guys this is your chat
[19:19] <Barbarella> :)
[19:19] <Ben Browder> I've been so scarce lately
[19:19] <FrooniumRicky> ah, say something, Babs
[19:20] <Barbarella> here I am
[19:20] <FrooniumRicky> Take it, DK
[19:20] <DK> If I may, I'd like to say a few words.
[19:20] <FrooniumRicky> You just did
[19:20] <Barbarella> I hope its more than that
[19:20] <DK> It's rare for me to write something that's not in script form, so please bear with me.
[19:20] <FrooniumRicky> It's equally rare... well, nm
[19:21] <DK> I'm also not the most computer literate guy, as Ricky and Ben will tell you, so I beg forgiveness for mistakes.
[19:21] <DK> Each and every year, at the end of the season
[19:21] <DK> we have a chat with you,
[19:21] <DK> our slightly bent cohorts in this
[19:21] <DK> wonderful adventure,
[19:22] <DK> and we wanted this year to be no different.
[19:22] <DK> However, despite our best efforts, this year is a bitt different from all the rest.
[19:22] <DK> In the past 24 hours, I have been
[19:22] <DK> innundated with emails and calls
[19:22] *** Barbarella sets mode: +o Pygar
[19:22] <DK> regarding rumors that are circulating
[19:22] <DK> regarding our joint passion.
[19:22] <DK> Where do we stand?
[19:23] <DK> We are two days away from shooting the last scenes
[19:23] <DK> of season 4.
[19:23] <DK> As you know, Sci Fi has picked us up
[19:23] <DK> for 4th and 5th seasons.
[19:23] <DK> However, as with everything done at a
[19:23] <DK> corporate level,
[19:24] <DK> there was an out clause built into Sci Fi's
[19:24] <DK> pickup schedule.
[19:24] <DK> As of yesterday, we were informed --
[19:24] <DK> after massive efforts by everyone at Henson
[19:24] <DK> and working on the show --
[19:24] <DK> most importantly Brian Henson
[19:24] <DK> and the 3 gentlemen
[19:24] <DK> here
[19:25] <DK> that Sci Fi was not going to exercise it's
[19:25] <DK> option to pick up the 5th season of Farscape.
[19:25] <DK> The rumors that everyone has been calling me
[19:25] <DK> about are sadly
[19:25] <DK> very sadly true.
[19:25] <DK> Tuesday will be the last time Ben dons the uniform
[19:25] <DK> of Commander John Crichton.
[19:26] <DK> We are all hugely sad.
[19:26] <DK> I am shaking as I write this.
[19:26] <DK> Yesterday, we all cried on the set.
[19:26] <DK> Yet, as we are, at the end of the line
[19:26] <DK> so to speak
[19:26] <DK> being just the people who make the show
[19:26] <DK> and not the corporate entities that fund and air it
[19:26] <DK> we are as helpless as anyone.
[19:26] <DK> And we are sad
[19:26] <DK> And we are shattered.
[19:26] <DK> And we are sorry.
[19:27] <DK> And we wanted to come online
[19:27] <DK> and talk to YOU,
[19:27] <DK> our core fans who have stood
[19:27] <DK> beside us for such a long and great journey.
[19:27] <DK> I turn it over to Ricky and Ben for their comments.
[19:27] <Ben Browder> Ricky?...
[19:27] <FrooniumRicky> Ben?...
[19:28] <DK> Alright.
[19:28] <FrooniumRicky> DK speaks the truth; we are shattered
[19:28] <Ben Browder> Ok...
[19:28] <FrooniumRicky> speechless
[19:28] <DK> I know what they're feeling.
[19:28] <DK> We all believed
[19:28] <Ben Browder> I really should have prepared something...
[19:28] <DK> as late as 36 hours ago,
[19:28] <DK> that we were going to 5th season.
[19:28] <DK> But Sci Fi has not picked us up,
[19:29] <DK> so, as all the rumors have suggested,
[19:29] <DK> we have no way to make the show.
[19:29] <DK> Believe me, Brian and everyone involved
[19:29] <DK> have gone LITERALLY to the ends of the earth
[19:29] <DK> to make this happen,
[19:29] <DK> but there does not seem to be a way around this moat
[19:30] <DK> placed before us.
[19:30] <DK> Ben, Ricky - should we just have the Moderator start
[19:30] <DK> filtering through questions?
[19:30] <FrooniumRicky> I wish we had answers, but... sure
[19:30] <Barbarella> Well I'm gonna type this up with no name since many people are asking this....Are there any plans of trying to go to other networks? And Is there anything the fans themselves can do to try to keep Farscape on the air?
[19:30] <Ben Browder> Yep
[19:30] <DK> Good question.
[19:31] <DK> At the moment, the whole deal hinges on what to do with the
[19:31] <DK> first 88 eps.
[19:31] <DK> Perhaps a network would be interested in running
[19:31] <DK> a 5th and 6th year of Farscape --
[19:31] <DK> and you should know
[19:31] <DK> we have the 5th season already plotted out --
[19:31] <DK> however, without the right to air the first 88
[19:32] <DK> eps, they'd be hard pressed to provide financing and see no return
[19:32] <DK> for years because Sci Fi has the rights to the first 88.
[19:32] <DK> What can you do?
[19:32] <DK> I think, just what fans everywhere have
[19:32] <DK> always been able to do.
[19:32] <DK> Support the show.
[19:32] <DK> Watch it.
[19:32] <DK> When all else fails,
[19:32] <DK> let everyone know how you feel.
[19:33] <Barbarella> another question?
[19:33] <FrooniumRicky> ga
[19:33] <DK> Let's go.
[19:33] <Barbarella> And another no name question everyone is curious is there plans for a Farscape movie possibly?...often its been hinted at and they'd love to see one
[19:34] <DK> Rock and I talked about it this morning.
[19:34] <DK> Despite this setback,
[19:34] <DK> we still have plans to finish the script.
[19:34] <DK> As you can imagine,
[19:34] <DK> we're all out of work on Wednesday,
[19:34] <DK> and no one is eager to let this go yet.
[19:34] <DK> It all happened
[19:34] <DK> too suddenly.
[19:34] <DK> Ricky, Ben, myself
[19:34] <DK> and everyone
[19:34] <DK> is still in a state of shock.
[19:35] <DK> Ben and must've talked on the phone 10-12 times
[19:35] <DK> since yesterday morning,
[19:35] <DK> and we still can't absorb/believe it.
[19:35] <DK> Hang on a second--
[19:35] <DK> I just saw someone log on as Bonnie Hammer must die.
[19:35] <DK> You should be ashamed of yourself and change that
[19:35] <DK> nick instantly.
[19:36] <DK> That kind of reaction
[19:36] <DK> without knowing who and how it went
[19:36] <DK> down is totally wrong.
[19:36] <Barbarella> yes please guys do try to keep the anger to a minimum since we don't know the whole story
[19:36] <DK> You are attacking the wrong people.
[19:36] <DK> I am the most savaged and angry person about this you know.
[19:36] <DK> Brian started on this project with Rockne in 1993.
[19:37] <DK> I was brought in in 1994.
[19:37] <DK> It has been essentially my life since then.
[19:37] <DK> If I am not angry at Bonnie, then you have no right to be.
[19:37] <DK> To answer the log on--
[19:37] <DK> Bonnie is the President of Sci Fi,
[19:37] <DK> and has always been a fan of Farscape.
[19:37] <DK> Question?
[19:38] <Barbarella> *n107* Will you have time to make season 4 wrap up all the plots? If not how many letters will it take to force Sci Fi to do the right thing for once in their history and keep the show running?
[19:38] <DK> We got a 1.5 rating
[19:38] <DK> for Unrealized Reality.
[19:38] <DK> If every one of those people wrote a letter,
[19:38] <DK> we might end up filming season 9.
[19:38] <DK> Q?
[19:38] <Ben Browder> The story is not finished... n107
[19:39] <Ben Browder> We found out after shooting 422
[19:39] <FrooniumRicky> And we mistakenly left a few people alive at the end of 422
[19:39] <FrooniumRicky> Who knew?
[19:39] <Barbarella> hehehe
[19:40] <DK> Q?
[19:40] <Barbarella> *Mukaikubo* "For DK: When the final episode- I can't believe I said that- airs, will you let us know what The Master Plan for Season V was?"
[19:40] <DK> Sure.
[19:40] <DK> If there is no way for Farscape to continue,
[19:40] <DK> we'll get the story out somehow.
[19:40] <DK> Perhaps
[19:40] <FrooniumRicky> Mime, perhaps
[19:40] <DK> 2 unemployed writers and one unemployed
[19:40] <Ben Browder> we should write a book
[19:40] <DK> actor/writer will
[19:41] <DK> write you something.
[19:41] <DK> I wonder if THAT book would sell?
[19:41] <FrooniumRicky> Hey, we can act it out on street corners
[19:41] <DK> Q?
[19:41] <Barbarella> *SciFiChick66* when it was decided that Crais and Talyn would "die", did you know yet that the show would be renewed for 2 more seasons? Now that it has, will you bring them back and/or resolve the dangling plotlines concerning their characters? For instance, what did Stark "know" about them that was important enough for Crais to threaten Stark w/ a knife?
[19:41] <FrooniumRicky> with an open laptop case for people to throw coins into
[19:41] <Ben Browder> LOL
[19:42] <Barbarella> ROFL
[19:42] <DK> That last question I think
[19:42] <FrooniumRicky> dangling?
[19:42] <DK> That last question
[19:42] <DK> Oops,
[19:42] <DK> operator error
[19:42] <Barbarella> you want a repeat?
[19:42] <DK> Question seems to have missed the point.
[19:43] <DK> We have been cancelled.
[19:43] <Barbarella> ahhh
[19:43] <Barbarella> yes
[19:43] <DK> There are no more Farscape's planned.
[19:43] <DK> We can't resolve anything beyond what we've done for season 4.
[19:43] <DK> And besides, this is not the time nor place for storypoints and spoilers.
[19:43] <DK> Q?
[19:44] <Barbarella> well a statement I am getting lots of people expressing their sadness for the loss of the show as well as their admiration of the job you guys have done and I also feel that way
[19:44] <FrooniumRicky> Quit leaving; we're hoping to hit 400 people
[19:44] <Barbarella> many wished you guys to know that
[19:44] <FrooniumRicky> We appreciate it
[19:45] <FrooniumRicky> Farscape fans are the best
[19:45] <FrooniumRicky> The looniest, but the best
[19:45] <Ben Browder> Just wanted you guys to hear it from us
[19:45] <Ben Browder> the shock and sadness here in Australia is profound
[19:45] <FrooniumRicky> As you can imagine, it wasn't a happy set on Friday
[19:45] <FrooniumRicky> This is a family
[19:46] <Ben Browder> half of my phone calls in the last day have ended in tears
[19:46] <FrooniumRicky> especially after four years
[19:46] <Barbarella> Many people are also asking do you have plans for spin off series or totally new and unique ideas for a new series?
[19:46] <DK> If there are no more questions, then we should leave everyone to absorb the sad news that way that we are having to do so.
[19:46] <FrooniumRicky> Certainly the most fun I've ever had on a series
[19:46] <Ben Browder> And the Fans... you guys in particular
[19:46] <Ben Browder> are such a huge part of the Farscape family
[19:46] <DK> Ben's point is exactly why we're here.
[19:46] <DK> We've always been close to the fans.
[19:47] <Barbarella> also they'd like an address to write to to try to Save Farscape
[19:47] <FrooniumRicky> We have ideas and stuff, sure, but right now we're still dealing with grief and shock
[19:47] <DK> Even from 8000 miles away, in many cases.
[19:47] <FrooniumRicky> This was our baby
[19:47] <Ben Browder> and yours
[19:47] <DK> We just wanted to set the rumor mill straight and make
[19:47] <DK> sure everyone knew the truth so they could deal with it.
[19:47] <Ben Browder> damn... this sucks
[19:47] <Ben Browder> I feel like a cop at the door
[19:47] <Ben Browder> 24 hours after hearing it... it's no easier
[19:48] <DK> I shudder to think what is going to happen when this is opened up to all deserving voices.
[19:48] <Barbarella> yes it does truelly....I must say the show was one of the few I watched in particular...and actually followed...and I really am saddened by all this as are all of the scapers
[19:48] <DK> Did someone ask for an address?
[19:48] <Barbarella> yes a name and address to write to
[19:48] <Barbarella> to try to save Farscape
[19:48] <DK> I would simply say, call and/or lookup
[19:48] <DK> Sci Fi in NY.
[19:49] <DK> In this case, speed is our friend.
[19:49] <DK> Believe it or not, the sets are scheduled to be torn
[19:49] <DK> down forever at the end of next week.
[19:49] <Ben Browder> david means... if you want to do something...
[19:50] <DK> I used to work at CBS for
[19:50] <DK> over 10 years, and I know that
[19:50] <Ben Browder> do it before they take the chainsaws to moya
[19:50] <DK> calls and telegrams always used to get our attention.
[19:50] <Barbarella> I think that can be arranged
[19:50] <FrooniumRicky> did emails? I always heard real letters were much more effective than emails
[19:50] <DK> Volume and speed. Dissappointment is better than anger.
[19:50] <DK> Remember that furious people
[19:51] <DK> are "nuts."
[19:51] <DK> Angry, but civil and controlled
[19:51] <DK> people are "fans."
[19:51] <DK> Networks listen to "fans."
[19:51] <FrooniumRicky> no misspellings, no obscenities
[19:51] <Ben Browder> correct grammer??? Cain't do that.
[19:52] <DK> Cain't is southern, I believe.
[19:52] <Barbarella> hehehe
[19:52] <Barbarella> and your point?
[19:52] <Ben Browder> correctly spelled
[19:52] * Barbarella smiles a wide Texan grin
[19:52] <Ben Browder> be civilised
[19:52] <Ben Browder> and free refills on tea
[19:52] <DK> No point. I didn't view it as a mispelling.
[19:52] <FrooniumRicky> civiliZed, you Aussie
[19:53] <DK> I make up words, as Ricky will tell you.
[19:53] <FrooniumRicky> words and worlds
[19:53] <DK> There is no such thing as a mispelling as long as the point gets
[19:53] <DK> across.
[19:53] <DK> How did words get made up in the first place? :-)
[19:53] <Barbarella> grunts and growls
[19:53] <Barbarella> only make it so far
[19:53] <Ben Browder> Hey folks... we're really sorry...
[19:54] <DK> Spread the word. Have a wake.
[19:54] <DK> Watch Farscape.
[19:54] <FrooniumRicky> Have a bee-ah.
[19:54] <Barbarella> ok you guys ready to unmoderate?...or do you have anything else you want to say? or statements you'd like to make?
[19:54] <DK> I will tell you something interesting--
[19:54] <FrooniumRicky> Buy the dvds.
[19:54] <DK> The last half of season 4
[19:54] <Barbarella> I think most in here have the DVD's
[19:54] <DK> has tons of material that we have
[19:54] <Ben Browder> RICKY!
[19:54] <DK> shot that won't make it on the air.
[19:54] <FrooniumRicky> BEN!
[19:54] <DK> Way to many scenes.
[19:55] <DK> Gonna be a DVD fest, folks.
[19:55] <Ben Browder> I'd like to say something
[19:55] * FrooniumRicky runs to Ben in slow motion
[19:55] <Ben Browder> ...
[19:55] <Ben Browder> Thank you
[19:55] <Ben Browder> Thank you all for four glorious years
[19:55] <Ben Browder> we have had more fun than is
[19:55] <Ben Browder> legal in show buisness
[19:55] <Ben Browder> You guys... get it
[19:56] <Ben Browder> you get the show and what we do
[19:56] * DK would like to nod his head in extreme gratitude to the fans, and then step back. Thank you all so much. See you on the next series.
[19:56] <Ben Browder> Who'd have ever thought we'd be here...
[19:56] <Ben Browder> Not me.
[19:56] <Ben Browder> And
[19:56] <Ben Browder> I will forever be grateful.
[19:57] <Ben Browder> Thak you guys
[19:57] <Ben Browder> Thank you even
[19:57] <FrooniumRicky> Thank you odd
[19:57] <FrooniumRicky> We truly do appreciate it
[19:57] <Ben Browder> that's it.... that's all folks
[19:57] <FrooniumRicky> We'd like to take you home with us, we'd love to take you home
[19:58] <FrooniumRicky> We don't really want to stop the show
[20:00] <DK> Moderator? Should we open it up now?
[20:00] <Barbarella> you bet
[20:00] <Ben Browder> Open it up
[20:00] *** Barbarella sets mode: -m
[20:00] <kellerkind> aaaaah
[20:00] <Evan>
[20:00] <Saba> direct from the sci fi site "If you have suggestions or comments for our programming department about the sci fi channel or any of its shows please contact: "
[20:00] <OboeCrazy> Look on the BBoard and the SACC list for all the phone numbers and e-mails and addys to call and write to in the next HOUR! IManiacs know how to help, ask us we will get you all the info you need.
[20:00] <KlagJA> Ben Browder: Not a question, just a huge Thank You" for all the great episodes. Farscape will be remembered as one of the best science fiction shows ever.
[20:00] <Red Fraggle>
[20:00] <n107> Tomorrow I am making calls and sending letters. I hope I'm not the only one. FARSCAPE RULES We owe everyone involved with the show a chance to keep it going as a "thank you".
[20:00] * RadiantAeryn SCREAMS NOOOO!!!!!!!!
[20:00] <janor> arh
[20:00] <Lyme> ARGH
[20:00] <Aerynjohn> Hi, Ben, David, A Ricky, you rock, greeetings from Spain... we love you....and we will try to do our best for returning the show! I'm sorry for all you....but, only know that you have all our supoort, you deserve the best!
[20:00] <microlith> that sucks
[20:00] <thyrdb> VIVA LA FARSCAPE!!!!!!
[20:00] <FrooniumRicky> We're braced
[20:00] <CodeBreaker> KARL! SELA!!!
[20:00] <Mukaikubo> Who has a number!?
[20:00] * MnementhCriesA4lornTear4Zhaan sighs... DK, Ben, Froon, Thank you all for giving us these lovely weekly breaks from the tedium of real life. I hope we have a chance to share more time with you all again someday. Love and Light.
[20:00] <Aangelhart> just wanted to say hi, and Im so sorry! :(
[20:00] <TheRedHatPenguin> AHHHHHHHH!
[20:00] <Loki> <=== sobbing <<<<< SCAPERS >>>>> and even big muckety mucks who act, write and produce Farscape ARE Scapers!!!!!!!!!!
[20:00] * Sound request: can't find 'completely_fahrbot.wav'
[20:00] * TIL -- "Are you completely fahrbot?" - Rygel.
[20:00] <PrincessOfTheLightZone> I am mailing ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooove you guyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate what Sci-Fi is doing to you all. You have another millions seasons left on you, an exaggeration but not much. I hope that we can make a difference for you all!! WE NEED YOU
[20:00] <Hellshadow> SciFi is going to be hit harder than Iraq...
[20:00] <Naylorz> frell
[20:00] <Egraine> Yup...the restaurant was PACKED!!!
[20:00] <Lomer> We love you guys.
[20:00] <talyn3> It's time for a letter -fest!!!!!
[20:00] <dr3ws3ph> thanks for an excellent 4 years everyone
[20:00] <CyclonaJade> thank YOU for 4+ years of your time..
[20:00] <ShipperShan> What is the number to sci-fi!! I can't find it!!!
[20:00] <filmcat> Yes!
[20:00] <filmcat> OH MY GOD
[20:00] <pixy55> sorry....
[20:00] <WITGOB> This is such a sad day
[20:00] <JML> noooooooo!!!!
[20:00] <ILoveFarscape> WE LOVE YOU GUYS sooooooooooooooooooooo much!
[20:00] <Raven> man this sucks
[20:00] <ChianaGray> Ben, DK, thank you so much
[20:00] <aeryncrichton> So sorry!!
[20:00] <NaiveAndTrue> We still love you
[20:00] * Dalequan hands Ben a plate from Smithfields Barbecue...southern comfort food
[20:00] <janor> oh my
[20:00] <jedikatie> Thank you to all of the cast and crew, we love you!
[20:00] <Lyme> Give me the digits and I'll post them to the LJ Scapers Community!
[20:00] <Barbarella> let the onslaught begin
[20:00] <Barbarella> guys they'd love you to stay and play I just had to put that in
[20:01] <Bettina> WAAAAHHH
[20:01] <Bettina> OMG OMG OMG
[20:01] <lj> promise to have a holiday and keep working its been a blast and very educational for my 4 yr old jc is his hero next to his dad of course
[20:01] <ShipsCat> We love you, too. But there's no time for crying now, we have work to do. We won't let you down.
[20:01] <kellerkind> NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!
[20:01] <DarkMagess> *source for address & phone
[20:01] <BroMo> thanks for the memories
[20:01] <moonbebe> SciFi Phone Number 212-413-5000
[20:01] <Marla> I'm sitting here crying!!
[20:01] <Marla> ((((((((((((((((((((Farscape))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
[20:01] <CriStiny> I'M SO SORRYYYYY
[20:01] <CriStiny> BEN I LOVE YOU
[20:01] <CriStiny> I LOVE FARSCAPE
[20:01] <Scaperforlife> frell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:01] <Scaperforlife> FRELLING TRASTA KO LITBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:01] <Scaperforlife> 418 ppl
[20:01] <Scaperforlife> come on scifi
[20:01] <Scaperforlife> look at it
[20:01] <Scaperforlife> we love farscape
[20:01] <legalbeagle> thanks, fellas
[20:01] <Evan>
[20:01] <Evan>
[20:01] <Evan>
[20:01] <aBRACAdabra> if someone has a SciFi NY address right now, please give to us!
[20:01] <Luckylyn> ((((((((((((((((all scapers))))))))))
[20:01] <Luckylyn> We all love this show and are in shock
[20:01] <Asrial> Aiiiieee
[20:01] <Asrial> Farscape is being cancelled?
[20:01] <ButchandSundance> Guys, why don't you bring the show to another channel?
[20:01] * JessicaSeven is writing a letter as we type
[20:01] <Silviacat> FREEEEEEEEEEEELL
[20:01] <JadesHand> Sci-Fi Channel - 212-413-5000
[20:01] <JadesHand> PHONE NOW!!!
[20:01] <Bloodwynd> Thank you guys for stopping by!
[20:01] <TammysBellyButton> No more Aeryn to be loved, no more Crichton to lover her. No more Chiana to snurch stuff, no more D'Argo to reprimand her. No more Rygel to float there and lord it over all.
[20:01] <TammysBellyButton> Thanks to everyone at Homebush
[20:01] <Jenny> ...rock paper scissors
[20:01] <Thinkum> are we still "go" for the Burbank convention?
[20:01] <Thinkum> Sci-Fi Channel Comment line: 1 (212) 413-5000
[20:01] <Thinkum> Sci-Fi Channel Comment line: 1 (212) 413-5000
[20:01] <Loki> <<<<< SCAPERS >>>>> and even big muckety mucks who act, write and produce Farscape ARE Scapers!!!!!!!!!!
[20:01] <CmdrAnaKerie> Delvian Prince says hi everybody.
[20:01] <CmdrAnaKerie> And LLLIIICCCKKKK
[20:01] <PrincessOfTheLightZone> Hi Jacqui!
[20:01] <PauWow> aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggg!!!!!!!
[20:01] <Winterhawk> You guys are the absolute best!
[20:01] <Jules> 212 41
[20:01] <Jules> 5000
[20:01] <Jules> 212-413-5000
[20:01] <Jules> 212-413-5000
[20:01] <Jules> 212-413-5000
[20:01] <Jules> 212-413-5000
[20:01] <Aeryn02> Thanks a lot guys!
[20:01] <Britannic> What does a 1.5 rating translate into as number of viewers?
[20:01] <StarkRavingMandy> ack! my eyes!
[20:01] * trekkcutie sniffles
[20:01] <SSJ MajinŠ > HI!!!!!!!!!
[20:01] <SSJ MajinŠ > wassup!
[20:01] <SSJ MajinŠ > !!!!!!!!!!
[20:01] <SSJ MajinŠ > yeah MAN!!!!!!1
[20:01] <SSJ MajinŠ > im tite!
[20:01] <SSJ MajinŠ > Laughing Out Loud
[20:01] <SSJ MajinŠ > wow
[20:01] <SpefacaR> Ben: You are one of the best starring actors in a science fiction series I have ever seen. Many would kill for your talent and FarScapes magic. I dont think scifi had their thinking caps on when they canned an award winning show...
[20:01] <SpefacaR> Farscape is one of the few show to have MAGIC
[20:01] <OzDebP> Guys, you are the best, we love you, thanks for your hard work
[20:01] <Gmmas> gonna cry all nite - too sad - thanks for the best show
[20:01] <pitdog> Thank you *Commander Crichton*! A *Hell Yeah *for Ben!!!!
[20:01] <pitdog> We must do something
[20:01] <pitdog> Save frascape
[20:01] <pitdog> Svae Frascape
[20:01] <Mike> Very sad
[20:01] <Da-Met> WHAT THE HELL HAPPAENED!??!
[20:01] <Da-Met> WHAT THE FUCK!?
[20:01] <Da-Met> I cant believe this.........
[20:01] <Da-Met> Is there any chance that Sci FI can get picked up by another network?!???!
[20:01] <Trumpet> Best series ever
[20:01] <EventHorizon> What is up with Sci-fi ending thier best series? Now there's nothing on that network worth my time. Why start watching new shows that they'll get us attached to then yank them away?
[20:01] <HarpyDragon> lol
[20:01] <HarpyDragon> irl
[20:01] <HarpyDragon> @
[20:01] <HarpyDragon> this
[20:01] <chickwithtofu> sigh
[20:01] <Jan> Need the addt
[20:01] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Programming Line : 212-413-5821
[20:01] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Comment Line : 212-413-5577
[20:01] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Programming Line : 212-413-5821
[20:01] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Comment Line : 212-413-5577
[20:01] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Programming Line : 212-413-5821
[20:01] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Comment Line : 212-413-5577
[20:02] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Programming Line : 212-413-5821
[20:02] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Comment Line : 212-413-5577
[20:02] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Programming Line : 212-413-5821
[20:02] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Comment Line : 212-413-5577
[20:02] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Programming Line : 212-413-5821
[20:02] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Comment Line : 212-413-5577
[20:02] <OneEye the DRD> SciFi Programming Line : 212-413-5821
[20:02] <LJinx> ((((((((ben, froon dk and everyone who ever worked on Farscape)))))))))))) we are truly sad and thinking of your guys.
[20:02] * talyn runs around nekkid
[20:02] <JA-Shipper> we have to make our voices heard, y'all!!!
[20:02] <JA-Shipper> Ben, DK, Froon, we are SO SORRY!! Tell the rest that we are so sorry and we are going to fight for the show!!
[20:02] <Crankygrrl> MUCH LOVE FROM CANADA, GUYS and THANKS!
[20:02] <Chi> omg!!
[20:02] <Chi> THANKS GUYS
[20:02] <Chi> I now have to call Amy, who currently has no internet and tell her...
[20:02] <Chi> no swearing!
[20:02] <DrSandor> Ben, David, Ricky - you are CLASS ACTS - THANK YOU!
[20:02] * kink is crying
[20:02] <jimbo> Thanks for everything
[20:02] <jimbo> Did SF give a reason ?
[20:02] <uisceboo> Thank you for your honesty guys, and we love you!
[20:02] <uisceboo> (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((DK)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) don't cry, please!
[20:02] <uisceboo> Moonbebe, that's a confired number? I want to put it on my site
[20:02] <mwesty11> scifi blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:02] <dr3ws3ph> it's a great show and I'll miss it.
[20:02] <dr3ws3ph> Sci-Fi Channel Comment line: 1 (212) 413-5000
[20:02] <dr3ws3ph> The SciFi Channel, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, F115, New York, NY 10020-1513
[20:02] <Maayan> Thank you.

(there was lot more, this seemed as reasonable a place to end as any)


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