Friday, October 22, 2004

back home

The surgery went well although it was a bit difficult. There was cancer (papillary, as was suspected), but there was also lymph node involvement. The lymph nodes were as big as my thyroid... and the mass had grown right under the nerve leading to(from?) my vocal chords, so the surgeon had to work around it to get everything out. I couldn't talk last night but this morning my voice is back but hoarse, which is common after any surgery requiring intubation.

I never get to sleep in the hospital. Too much noise, too many interruptions. I'm glad to be home.

My endo popped in to see my last night, she just happened to be visiting another patient and noticed my name on the board. That was very nice of her to come by and tell me what the scoop is. Namely, I have to wait for my TSH to get up to 40, and then I'll get the RAI and a full-body scan to see if there are any distant metastises, which the RAI will also eliminate. Then I can go back on the thyroid hormones and get my life back. Here's hoping it happens sooner rather than later.

The surgeon was funny this morning, we reviewed all this stuff plus wound care,etc. He said, "You're perfect," inspecting the incision (no swelling, looks good.) I laughed. I am far from perfect, but I am as well as can be expected. I have no complaints.


ChaiTime said...


I'm glad you are back home. I can never rest in the hospital either. I can't believe you are already posting in your blog a day after the surgery. Geez! I'm sorry they found cancer, but from how you've described it, you sound hopeful and it seems there is plenty of treatment available. I'm sending you a hug! {{{{Joan}}}}

2:39 PM  
ChaiTime said...


Oops. Forgot to tell you this is Tracey (Mamasita) from LCT. :D

2:41 PM  

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